Why JD Designs?

Your Privacy is Our Priority. None of your designs will be posted anywhere in public without your permission.

No Filters

We work manually, No filters are added to the photo

Digital Hand

Works are done by expert designers through digital hand.

100% Satisfaction

We are confident enough to meet your satisfaction to the core.


  1. Send us photos with good quality. Minute details of faces should be clear while zooming.
  2. Minimum size of photo resolution must be: 600 × 600 pixels 100 DPI (dots per inch) size 500 KB.
  3. File format (Image with High quality): jpeg, jpg, png, psd, pdf.


  1. Choose your required service and mail your photo.
  2. To confirm your order, make advance payment. Once you verify the soft copy design, you can pay the remaining amount.
  3. We use only high quality frames, with in 4 to 5 days your frame work will be done.
  4. You can collect it from our office or We have option for door step delivery.